Welcome to Cannon Ballistix, the hottest addiction of 2015.

This BRAND NEW highly addictive game is sure to send you Ballistix as it tests your brain at an all new level. With 3 challengingly fun episodes, and plenty more to come, Cannon Ballistix will have you hooked like no other.

Your goal: Fire the cannonball through the porthole.

That's it! How hard could it be?!

Adjust the cannon angle, set the cannon power and fire away, BUT be careful, you don't want to waste your shots.

With the variety of obstacles, a unique scoring system, bonus balls, entertaining sound effects, catchy music and much more, Cannon Ballistix will surely steal your concentration away from anything else.

Remember to read the tutorial pop up notes along the way and you'll be on the path to becoming a Cannon Ballistix Master.